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The K9K began as an idea. An idea to honor a man. A man of God that loved Christ, his girls, his family, and his job. We think we've achieved that and are hosting our event for the 5th time(!), which is an awesome achievement and testament to Andy and all of you who have made it possible. Andy was a Grand Rapids Police Department officer and previously was a Woodridge (IL) Police Department officer. He died while on a training run for an open Canine Handler position with GRPD. The K9K is our way to honor Andy and raise funds for worthy causes.

For those that have not joined us previously, we try to take ourselves seriously, but not too serious. We host two events - a 3k run / walk and a 9k run. Both of them are awesome and we have fun with them. Dogs are invited on both races, but not required.    Who wouldn't want to go for a fun walk or run for a good cause with or without their dog?

As we prepare for our 4th year, we invite you to register. We promise that we will do everything we can to make your time worthwhile and memorable. The park is beautiful, the events can be competitive, the shirts are awesome, and we have great food to enjoy afterwards. So please register and bring your whole family. See you on June 16th!


The 3k is either a brief run through an awesome park, or a nice walk along the Grand River...your choice. Our runners have been as young as 2 and as old as 92. No matter their age, they all agree that it's a great course for some good causes through Riverside Park. You're pretty lucky if you go with this event because you won't be disappointed.


Seems like an odd distance, which it is, which makes it fun. And simply it made for an awesome name for our race (K9K). This trail heads north out of Riverside Park, winds around 5/3 ballpark and follows itself back. There have been some blazing speeds on this run and some not so blazing. In the end there have been many compliments on the course.  Who knows, maybe this year there will be free hugs at the finish line again?!?

2016 K9K photos